Self-marketing is in order, when a sponsorship-receiver markets his sponsorship-packages himself. Sponsoo wants to support self-marketing for individual athletes and clubs. That is why Sponsoo offers their users to market themselves via the platform. Sponsoo is for athletes what eBay or Amazon are for consumer goods. Just like a dealer can put his products for sale on eBay or Amazon, sponsorship-receivers can put their sponsorship-packages for sale on Sponsoo themselves.

In doing so, Sponsoo supports marketing-activities with their own sales-team as well as distribution through it's partners. That way, even more potential sponsors will pay attention to the platform in order to finalize more sponsorship-deals for the registered Sponsoo users.

Sponsoo's profit is comission-based. Creating a profile and putting sponsoring-packages on sale are free for every Sponsoo user. Only if a sponsorship deal is closed via the platform, Sponsoo will carge a comission of 20% (net). 

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