Demarcus Jones

 Saginaw Texas Basketball


How is everyone that is reading this. I my name is Demarcus Jones and I and trying to to play overseas basketball. The reason I I’m trying to get a sponsorship is because i need help with a passport and a Visa the season starts next month


Key figures for sponsors

This is what some of the Messages that I have received from the team And the management agencies These are some of the reasons why I am trying to get a sponsorship.( Hi, hope all is well. We are looking to help our last couple of clients play professional basketball if you are Interested? We help our players sign with pro clubs + agents + tour opportunities as well as try out opportunities. We only charge a one time fee and we will work for you year round non stop and look to get you signed immediately. We have helped over 92 players play professionally that joined us, and we would love to help you as well, as there are hundreds of opportunities available as the summer comes to an end. If you are willing to invest in yourself and play overseas or professionally in the states, Please let us know and we will send you all of the details. Thank you!) ( Great! Our one time fee is $299 and then you will be part of our team that will help you for years and years to make you a pro for a long time. Most of our players that join us get a pro deal 2-5 weeks into joining us.   We have connections with all leagues in Europe , Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as all the ones in the states. We have helped over 92 players sign and many of our players are receiving offers right now, as we would love to make you next! Please remember the spots we have available will most likely be taken within a day or 2, so if this is something you want to pursue we would love to add you to our database and start connecting you immediately. Thank you! ) THIS IS WHET THEY SENT TO ME ( Terms & Conditions For Placement   Picture Strsljen Sports management Consulting is a very unique company based out of Montenegro, Europe. It is owned and operated by Alen Rugovac who is also a professional FIBA European basketball team owner. Strsljen Sports Management and Consulting offers a win-win situation to all aspiring professional basketball players. This company does not take percentages out of contracts but operates on a one time 300 euro enrollment fee. The process of enrollment into this company is very simple, first a player must submit their film for review to the email that will be below or the WhatsApp phone number that will also be below.  Once a player is observed if the company believes that they are able to help them they will reach out to them with the representation agreement in the information necessary for the enrollment fee. Now what makes this company very special and very successful for a very long time is the hundred and twenty days refund policy. Meaning that if a player does not obtain a contract with in hundred and twenty days if they wish to cancel representation they would receive a full refund if they cancel after 120 days, other than that our services last until a player obtains and receives a contract. This company for over 8 years has an approximate success rate of 80% the other 20% receive a refund if they do not obtain a contract and that is what makes our company very special unique and extremely successful.  We also helped and assisted many agents in helping their clients obtain contracts overseas through our program. We also have helped many coaches get jobs and in return coaches have helped our clients receive contracts with their respected clubs. After a player enrols Alen and his staff work endlessly in helping in creating an opportunity/contract for the players who have enrolled. Below you may submit your film if you are interested in enrolling into our professional player placement program for review. All forms of film are acceptable.) And my favorite one( Inshallah.. I am coach for north gas club ( Ghaz Al- shamal )  in super league If we can offer 2500 Per month , in apartment from club , and pay for round trip ticket and quarantine stay , could you take Care of own visa so we may book round trip  ticket ?  May talk to last import from first stage Jackson his account name is @whogotmeer and he can tell you about situation from player point of view here he is good person) ( Please tell me when you have talked to recent guard here with us please and contact back if available). These are the key Reasons why I am applying for the sponsorship


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