Falco-Vulcano Energia KC Szombathely

 Szombathely Basketball


3-time Hungarian Champion, 1-time Hungarian Cup-Winner, Participant of the FIBA Basketball Champions League


The organization is going to be 40 years old this season. Falco has been established in 1980 by „some fanatics”, for instance, György Gráczer and István Németh. Due to their enthusiasm, the organization is flourishing ever since. 

During these period we have success in Domestic League and Basketball Champions League also.

The sport events and matches are extremely good platforms to the advertisers and sponsors. The sponsors are interested in the development of the image, and to raise awareness or gain acquaintance. The decisions based on business goals, because they think about a team as an opportunity to advertise. It is a good thing that those wealthy people can and want to support their beloved team. Szombathely has the reputation of being a sport lover city. 

The love of sport plays an important role in Szombathely, and in the business life instead. The other main motif is the number of the attendance. When the team plays at home, the spectator’s number can reach over 2500. During the game, the attendance can meet numerous advertisement throughout the 2 hours’ average length of the game. Plenty of companies choose this type of advertising because of the crowd.

 The team provides 4 extra or additional services to their sponsors and backers, so is certain that those man leave with a positive picture about the team. This is a great initiative from the team, because this can mean an attracting force to other sponsors, to build a social capital during the games of Falco. The team has acted already to create such an atmosphere with the establishment of the VIP room, where members can have conversations before and after the games.

Sponsorship of the Falco Vulcano-Energia KC Szombathely will provide your business with many benefits:

  • An audience of spectators and families across the local region and beyond

  • Excellent exposure of your company’s branding via signage and advertising

  • Excellent exposure of your company’s logo and branding via our website, social media platforms apparel and advertising programs

  • The company logo of all sponsors will feature heavily in any pre-arranged print or internet media photos of players and officials in an advertising or promotional mediums

  • Allows your company to achieve a high degree of corporate citizenship by assisting members of the local sporting community


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Greatest successes

2007/2008 - Hungarian Champion

2018/2019 - Hungarian Champion

2020/2021 - National Cup Winner 

Key figures for sponsors

  • Avarage attandence 2876
  • All games are live on MindiGo Sport
  • 4500 followers on Facebook
  • 3107 followers in Instagram


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