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Hell's Race is an obstacle race. A fun, original and adrenaline-pumping event that involves many fans. We are one of the three most popular races in Italy and we organize various events taking care of a lot of brand and marketing.


Hell's Race is a fast growing Italian brand that organizes special sporting events called Obstacle Race. Appointments that involve a large audience and that are able to attract the attention of many onlookers. We have run more than 8 races in just 3 years and are recognized by fans as one of the top three Italian brands. We have strong network marketing and a very active online community. We also manage the only training camp dedicated to this discipline in Friuli Venezia Giulia and we have created a team that today has more than 150 athletes participating in many national and international competitions. In a few days we will come out with the first Italian magazine dedicated to this discipline printed and available digitally.

Our preferred sponsor

Sports clothing and shoes
Technical clothing
Sports gadgets
Sports food
Training institutions
Sports watches

Sponsorship Usage

Creation of new obstacles to improve the quality of events
Coverage of printing costs and increase in the circulation of the magazine

Reach / Links

Key figures for sponsors

We are present on Facebook and Instagram both with the main brand Hell's Race and with that of the OCR Arena Friuli Venezia Giulia training ground and the OCR Squad team. We have a network of national Brand Ambassadors and we manage various sites: the main one www.hellsrace.it, the one dedicated to hellsrace.cloud photos where up to 4,000 photos are published for each race.
We take great care of the brand image both on race day and during the year with various digital and traditional support tools. We invest in sponsored and google adwords, and always quality content. We also have a magazine that talks about our brand and Obstacle Race that we distribute to all members and in various gyms and training camps.


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