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Open Water Stubenbergsee

 Stubenberg am See Swimming


Open Water Stubenbergsee is part of two cup competitions. From the Classic Open Water Cups and the Open Water Cup Majors. It's the start of the season for many athletes from the DACH regions. It will take place on May 22nd in Styria.


Open water delights more and more people. Due to its closeness to nature , this sport offers a special status for all water enthusiasts.
The various places in the middle of nature please the athletes, since many can replace the monotonous swimming in the pool with the picturesque landscapes . Due to the different distances, even inexperienced swimmers, or those who are just starting their training again, can get an overview of their own fitness.

The open water event at Stubenbergsee is also the first in the season for two different cup competitions. The short distance is part of the Classic Open Water Cup, the long distance for the Open Water Majors Cup.

The Classic Cup will be held at 6 different locations, including Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria. Each one is carefully selected, as it is important to us that every lake has at least approximate drinking water quality. Temperature also plays an important role in open water swimming, as not only do they compete in age group bottoms, but also in neoprene suits rather than neoprene suits.

The Stubenbergsee is the perfect place to start the season, as it has excellent water quality and reaches the temperature very early on, which is pleasant for many swimmers . Despite the new takeover of the open water event, the lake is known to many swimmers from the scene and is also very popular due to its early start to the season.