Team Durant/Schubert

 Australia Beachvolleyball


Australian beach volleyball team living in Holland and competing all over the world. We are hungry to become Olympic champions and remain humble in the process


Australian beach volleyball team 

We live in Holland and play all over the world. Take a look at our social media pages below.

We love beach volleyball and we believe we are the team that will take the game to the next level. We are not just your normal beach volleyball team. Our style of play involves playing with passion and only 2 contacts of the ball, compared to the normal 3 contacts. This style of play is exciting to watch and we are the new age athletes of beach volleyball. We want to be role models for everyone who watches us and inspire people to push the boundaries of normal life. As a sponsor, you will become part of our family and will be seen by millions of people around the world. We believe that with your support we can achieve our goals, but also make your dreams come true at the same time.

Our preferred sponsor

We are flexible with our sponsorship. If you like our offer but want something special, all you have to do is ask.

Sponsorship Usage

Your sponsorship helps us achieve our goals and also supports our families.

Reach / Links

Greatest successes


Kish Island FIVB World Tour- 5th place 2017
Shepparton FIVB World Tour- 2nd place 2017

Swiss Tour

Olten- 3rd place 2017

Germany Tour

Norderney- 3rd place 2017

Asia Tour

Asian Championships-2nd place 2016
Yogyakarta Open- 1st place 2016


NSW Open - 1st place 2017
SA Open - 1st place 2017
WA Open - 1st place 2017

Key figures for sponsors

We both have huge following profiles on social media.

We would use/wear your brand and it would be seen all over the world and social media.
Cole Instagram ~10,100 followers and Zachery Instagram ~9,507 followers. With each post we are seen by over 50,000 people.
Cole Facebook 1000 followers and Zachery Facebook 700. With each post we are seen by over 20,000 people.
With all of this combined we reach over 70,000 people. 
FIVB Tour- Over 1 million people see each event and there are 20 events a year.
We play all over the world so your brand is present in every country.


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