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Trident sports club was founded by a group of cricket enthusiasts living in Stockholm, Sweden. Our core mission are to promote cricket, provide facility, safe environment and expertise to grow cricketing skills among juniors, youths and adults.


Cricket in Sweden dates back to more than 30 years. People migrated from cricket playing to Sweden took up the sport among them and created awareness in the local community over the years. The Swedish Cricket Federation (SCF) which has been an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) since 1997 and an associate member in 2017.  The Swedish sports confederation (Riksidrottsförbundet, RF)accepted the application and recognized SCF as its 71st member organization in May 2015.  There are currently 70 + registered cricket clubs throughout Sweden with varying degrees of activity.  All the clubs compete in Sweden's cricket league - Allsvenskan, Elite,  Superratten and Division 1, the National League and other Indoor tournaments and leagues. Cricket's notoriously complex rules and day-long matches have meant however that few Swedes have taken up the sport for now. Its a long way to go. This is a short history about this sport in Sweden. 

We are a thriving local club based out of Stockholm, attracting growing numbers to the sport on a part-time and amateur basis. TRIDENT SPORTS CLUB wants to build a strong tradition of developing this sport with devotion to teamwork and sportsmanship in a competitive spirit for all its members. Our wants to provide facility, a safe environment and knowledge to enable members to develop their abilities and allow them to reach their full potential. The club, in cooperation with other organizations, will take every opportunity to promote and increase interest in cricket, mainly in Stockholm. We create awareness to our next generation players through knowledge sessions, trainings and conducting fun activities to get them involved in this sport. We conduct training for women cricket both for adults and youth players and make them compete against other club in Sweden. By means of training the junior and women we generate some funds from SCF to support our tournament fee, gear expenses, travel expenses and other miscellaneous expenses. In addition that we collect a small membership fee to support Mens adult training activities.  Our club has a strong potential to grow this sport in large scale, our future prospects and vision needs financial support through sponsorship from the business community. We will support great teams throughout the pathway by investing in an aligned approach to coaching, officiating and sports science. By harnessing digital technologies we will share best practice to drive and support improved performance at all levels of the game.

Lacking commercial sponsorship and with cricket in its infancy in Sweden, players must buy their own bats, balls and related equipment abroad. The vast majority of cricket kit in Sweden today has been bought at players' own expense, often from England, India and Pakistan. We are always looking for new sponsors to help promote the great game of cricket. There are many different ways you can sponsor our club - through club apparels for mens, womens and juniors, training facilities charges for a season, club gears and playing equipment, etc. This part can be discussed in details. Any kind of support small or big will eventually go to uplift this sport in the local community and Stockholm. You may never know, a player from our club may represent Swedish national team in future in an international forum. Wish us good luck :)

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Cricket is fairly new to Sweden, the cricketing landscape changed after acceptance from RF. 

Trident Sports Club is one of the new entrant in the Swedish Cricket with a strong support from our club members, families and friends. 

  • We have more than 60 members in the club and follow us on the Social Media Channel. 
  • Every match (Mens, Womens and Junior) we play attracts many people among the cricketing community and other team, as well as the local community where we play this sport.
  • Our matches are live - streamed in social media networks , which reach out to thousands of followers across Sweden and other nations